Pour Over Coffee Benefits

Pour-over coffee is also known drip brew or hand pour. Most people did not care about pour over it for a long time. However, it is becoming popular among aficionado these days. It takes time to make pour over coffee. You just need hot water, ground beans, and a filter set. The process of making hand pour may seem complicated by the effort is worth it.

How do you make a good hand-pour cup? Put a filter over your cup. Then, put fresh grinds in the filter. Then, pour hot water over the fresh grinds. The result is more aromatic. And it is hard to get this result from an automatic coffee-maker.

What are the benefits of pour-over coffee? Continue reading to learn more.

More Efficient

Do you want just one cup ? Try this. If you do not want to leave your house to buy supplies or to make a whole pot, you can make pour over coffee. When you make a whole pot, you will be left with a significant waste. And sometimes the caffeine might not be what you were looking for. Pouring your coffee can help solve this. It is efficient for a single person. You just pour a single serving.

Cleaner Cup of Coffee

Poured over coffee is the purest and cleanest way to make your favorite brew. It does not leave residue in the cup. Why? Because the water is not fully immersed and it is not dripped. You just pour hot water into the cone. Stir it briefly. And the finished product drains completely into your cup. You will be surprised because you will not see any residue.

Pouring coffee is Practical

You do not need equipment to make it. You do not need moving parts that can break easily. You do not need electronic parts. And there are no cleaning or maintenance costs. You just need a filter, ground coffee beans, and hot water. If you want to use freshly ground coffee, you can make it anytime and anywhere you are. You can brew it in your home and also when you are on a camping trip, beach, or picnics.

Allows Experimentation

Most people want coffee that suits their unique taste. No matter what you like, you can find that perfect calibration of beans and hot water. So, it is easy to make pour-over brew that can suit your unique taste. You are free to experiment with both ground coffee and water until you get the best results. By the way, it takes a short time to find the perfect process that gives you the best brew.

Freshness and Quality

One of the benefits of pour over process is the quality it produces. If you love going to a local coffee shop, buy fresh beans. It takes time to make this coffee. So, be patient. Just know that the wait is worth it. You are guaranteed to get a good result. If you are making this coffee in your home, pour water slowly over your ground beans. Why? Because it gives water enough time to pull out more flavors.

Just Pour, Anyone Can Do it!

It is difficult to operate an espresso machine without the right amount of training. There are so many machines and different techniques. And all of them have their own nuances. For example, you must read a detailed manual to operate a fancy electronic coffee maker. It is easy to make pour over. You just need a filter, ground coffee, and hot water. And you have more control when making it. For the easiest start imaginable, try Just Pour coffee.


Instant coffee is cheap. However, it is hard to know if you are drinking the real thing. Most electronic coffee makers fail, so they must be replaced. And espresso machines are expensive. Pour over lasts for a long time. It is affordable. In fact, it is much cheaper than buying cups daily.

Environmental Friendly

Billions of disposable cups are thrown away every year in the US alone. This is a huge waste. How many trees are cut down to make these cups? Over 9 million trees. Once you decide to make your coffee by pouring over, you will save both money and the environment. Use reusable cups because it helps to save the lives of trees.

You now know the benefits of pour-over. If you have been thinking of trying this coffee, start drinking it today.

Factors To Consider When Looking For The Perfect Coffee Grinder

best ground coffee in filter

It is usually a good idea to look for the perfect coffee bean grinder to pair with your coffee maker. Whether in your home kitchen or commercial establishment, the grind of coffee beans is crucial to a flavorful cup of coffee.

Finding a quality grinder will provide you may years of satisfaction. There are many things you need to consider when looking for the perfect coffee grinder.

Tips to consider when looking for the perfect coffee grinder

Bean storage

High-end residential coffee grinders and commercial ones have a larger hopper for ground bean storage. A coffee bean grinder with a hopper that can store at least eight ounces of beans for an entire day’s coffee needs is a convenient plus.

You should also consider the static electricity that burrs generate when grinding causing grounds to cling to the interior of the hopper. Some brands offer glass parts instead of making static electricity less of a nuisance. However, the brand of coffee has much to do with static. Using a dry roasted and less oily beans will help reduce static.

Choose burr grinders

burr grinders create the best groundBurr grinders are considered an upgrade from residential blade grinders because of the heavier duty mechanisms and precision operation. Burr grinders also last longer as they only grind the coffee once before dropping it into the storage hopper.

Burr grinders are the best for those who want quality at a moderate price. Unlike the constant contact a blade grinder experiences with the entire quantity of coffee beans being ground, any wear on a burr grinder happens during the brief grinding session on a few beans allowed between the burrs at one time.

Blade grinders are also noisy and produce uneven grounds. They also produce much heat that can affect the taste of the coffee grounds. Conical burr grinders provide the highest consistency grind and enable you to enjoy a ‘perfect cup.’

Even though the cost of this grinder can be an issue, few smart consumers would compromise here. The undisputed choice for a durable coffee grinder is a burr grinder. Conical burr grinders can produce fine grounds as well.


Burr grinders are usually more expensive than blade grinders. Burr grinders can have flat or conical burrs with most people preferring conical burrs as they have a variable RPM speed that can be lowered to retain the bean flavor without burning, making the grinding quieter, precise and cleaner. The low speed will keep down the heat from grinding friction that can steal the taste and aroma of the coffee.


stainless feeder for coffee grinderHeavy duty construction and classic contemporary styling are expected of commercial burr grinders which can last for 10-15 years with occasional replacement of the burrs.

Manufacturers have now extended this to their residential models as well with a housing made of the same cast metal or stainless steel. High-quality housing is essential especially to those families with a multi-cup latte or cappuccino habits.

Consider the type of coffee machine you have

Before buying a grinder, you have to consider the type of coffee machine you have at home. Always remember that all coffee makers are not compatible with all grinders. This is because different coffee makers require differently sized grounds.

Drip machines require medium grounds and if you have one at home, the best choice would either be a blade or burr grinder. Espresso machines, on the other hand, require very fine grounds and will need a conical burr grinder.

If you are a serious coffee enthusiast, then you should look for the best quality coffee all the time. For the freshest, best-tasting coffee, you need to look for a perfect coffee grinder.

Being Yourself in Acting

Sometimes acting can be hard. Having to take on a role can play havoc with our sense of self.

It’s no wonder that many great actors are also having mental problems. To perform their best they have to take on another identity. But then they have to let it go when they get home, or the project is done.

You can often hear the advice to “just be yourself”. And most of us have probably experienced the stress of having to be “someone else”.  Now imagine having to be someone else as perfect as you can.

It becomes a fight of identities. On the one hand an actor wants to get into another persons skin, on the other hand they don’t want to completely lose themselves.